Doctor Gets G-Wagon as Push Gift

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G-Wagon car gift - Cheki Nigeria

Profoundly touched by his wife’s ability to ‘push’ while having his baby, a man recently decided to reward his wife with a brand new G-Wagon.

Showing off the G-Wagon on her Twitter page, the woman, a South African doctor identified as ‘Champagne Mami’ shared several pictures of the gift she received for successfully pushing out her baby.

Woman gets G-Wagon as Push Gift - Cheki Nigeria

In a Twitter post simply captioned: “Push Gift: Big Body Benz,” she shared a total of 4 pictures of her white Mercedes-Benz AMG G65. In some of the pictures, she was spotted striking a pose standing beside her new car.

In the lines that follow, we will share additional details about the woman and her G-Wagon gift.

How Much is Her Gift Worth?


We took a dive into the latest car listings on where the 2016 Mercedes-Benz AMG G65 is currently valued at N65 million.

How Good is the MERCEDES BENZ AMG G65?


Mercedes-AMG G65 is a V12 engined version of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. The vehicle weighs 6250-pounds and has 603 hp going into a seven-speed transmission as of 2016.

What Does ‘Champagne Mami’ Do For a Living?

She is a trained medical doctor who lives and works in South Africa?

What is her Twitter Handle?

Her Twitter handle is @Dr_PattyGrace

Has She Previously Received Similar Gifts From Her Husband?


She got a Benz as a wedding gift, a storey building as a wife gift and another Mercedes-Benz for having a baby.

How Much is the popular Mercedes-Benz G-Class?


The G-Wagon is quite popular amongst Nigerian elite circles. According to Cheki’s latest car listings, the white 2015 Mercedes-Benz G-Class is currently valued at N60 million.

How Did People React on Twitter?

Below are some of the reactions from Twitter:

Nyiiko Gift


Zina Riha Davies

Tumi Seerane


Final Thoughts on the G-Wagon Gift?

If you get a gift of a brand new Mercedes-AMG G65 right now, would you keep it or sell it? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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